Tools and Calculators

Financial health check

Have you taken charge of your financial situation or do you tend to stick your head in the sand when it comes to managing your money? 

Budget planner

Allocate your income wisely to cover all your living costs, insurance and contributions to your savings.

Debt repayment calculator

Find out how much interest – and how many months of repayments - you could save on your debt if you pay off a little extra every month.

Savings goal calculator

Work out how much you need to put away each month to reach a targeted savings amount. 

How much will my savings grow calculator

Work out how much your current savings will amount to with the help of compound interest over time. 

Fund classification tool

Look up how your fund can invest or how funds in a category can invest.

Tax deductible retirement fund contributions calculator

Work out how much more you can contribute to your retirement fund in order to save on tax.

Living annuity drawdown calculator

Use this calculator to test if your savings invested in a living annuity will support the income or drawdown rate you want in retirement.